ACDS (Ambo Combat & Defense System)


ACDS was developed by Amaro Bento.

In over 15 years Amaro has studied numerous martial arts, several until the master degrees. Formerly as a fighter in the ring, he is now one of the most successful martial arts trainer of Switzerland: If Karate, Kung Fu (Sanda, Quinjda, Leitai), Pencak Silat, Thai boxing or kickboxing, in hardly every discipline Amaro enjoyed himself or his (ACDS – ) students to have a Swiss and/or European championship title.


The development of the Ambo Combat & Defense Systems, shortform ACDS, was preceded by a central question: How do you combine the different, very individual requirements for a martial arts into one system?

Some people’s expectation of a martial arts training is primarily an increase in physical fitness and general self-assurance, while others want to learn how to defend themselves effectively in everyday life against a spontaneous attack. However, only few are willing to invest years of study for a highly complex martial art, which is unfortunately in unexpected stressful situations often not applicable.

Who wants to compete a sporting competitions in the ring, has a superior requirement to the workout. For security forces, if the police, army or private security, however the close combat and the realistic self-defense or defense of third parties in conflict situation are to the fore.

A very fundamental difference exists between the training for adults and that for children.

In short, the expectations could hardly be more different. To meet the requirements, was and is the basis of ACDS.

What is ACDS?

ACDS is without doubt one of the most complete systems that will meet the requirements of various target groups.

The wheel was deliberately not reinvented: ACDS is a mix of different martial arts, which has evolve from the practical experience of its founder.
There are trained defensive and throwing techniques, punches and kicks, as well as exemptions and locking techniques.

The training for adults over the blue belt also contains techniques for the disarming of opponents and the handling of various defense weapons (pepper spray, batons, kubotan). In addition advanced training includes searching for weapons and drogues as well as the arrest and detention in handcuffs. Beyond that there is special tournament training for all those who compete in the ring. ACDS is a modern system and this will remain unchecked. Therefore, new evidence from a sporting and medical point of view will be steadily introduced into the training system.

Targed group

Through the awareness of the needs of different target groups during the developement of ACDS, it is possible to offer a training that covers all modern requirements of self defense and martial arts. It is suitable for self-defense in everyday life as well as for competitions or for use in private and govermental security service.

In our training centers are people of all ages – police officers and security guards, experienced fighter or simply sport enthusiasts who want to improve their physical fitness and learn how to effectively defend themselves.

A very high priority in the ACDS is the training of children and adolescents. Linked to playful contents there will be developed coordination, concentration, disci-
pline, and the physical performance and confidence.

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Training and defense tactics
Public and Private Security Forces(Law Enforcement)
Values for life
Training and defense tactics
Psychology and speed of reasoning