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What is KMT?

Krav Maga Tactical (KMT) is an advanced style of self-defense based on the original Krav Maga, for individuals as well as for governmental and private security forces.

Krav Maga (Hebrew for “contact combat”) was developed in the post-war period for the Israeli security authorities and is classified as one of the best self-defense systems, founded on its simple but highly effective techniques based on instincts. It is learned and used by many police and security forces.

KMT is a further development which meets the requirements and the legislation of the western civilization. While the original Krav Maga on the sporting aspect and the final execution of the rival (simply said the killing), has a relatively large role given by the requirements in a crisis region, is KMT primarily to deal with any kind of conflict situations in everyday life. The focus is that everyone can learn KMT, regardless of age or physical condition.

The KMT organization also develops special trainings for women, seniors and even for visually or physically handicapped persons. Some of our instructors are specialized for such trainings. Their experiences and those of instructors for governmental and other professional security forces, influence again KMT. The resulting, conscious and continuous development is a big advantage of KMT, even compared to other systems.

“The worst preparation is if you hope before an attack, that the attack will not take place”


  • Modern, flexible and realistic self-defense
  • Suitable for all ages and physical conditions
  • Continuous development
  • Specific training, e.g. for visually or physically handicapped persons
  • Competent and experienced instructors
  • A training, which adapts the need of each person

The goal of KMT is not the victory over an opponent, but the mastery and survival of risk in everyday situations and even the toughest street fighting against armed opponents.


In contrast to most martial arts, with KMT no special sequences are adhered to. The basic movements are combined only with other dynamic features. This improvisational liberty allows quickly adapting any situation, which is a very important aspect, especially in terms of coping with stressful I situations, where private individuals are rarely exposed (thankfully).

However if you are faced with an attack, you must quickly and instinctively apply the acquired knowledge. Everything else can have fatal consequences. It is also important that the techniques are used without exert force and that dangerous situations may be terminated through speed and surprise attacks as soon as possible. This prevents on one hand injury, and on the other it allows the attacked to use the remaining force to seek shelter.

In addition to the unarmed defense, KMT also practiced techniques, how to utilize various arms and even everyday objects for defense. It is also shown how to use firearms – their own or those with whom one is threatened – even differently than to use for shooting. In connection with the required application by the legislator is that enourmously important. If later should be find out that an attacker is not as heavily armed as it was firstly seemed, it will have serious legal consequences.

The KMT instructors show you not only how to effectively defend yourselves. An important part of KMT is also the correct behaviour in conflict situations and the knowledge of the legal facts. We show you how to avoid an escalation verbally or with the correct body language and if it should still be a physical confrontation, what is allowed and what is not. Here you will benefit from our experience in the training of police and security organs as well as practical skills: Many of our instructors are active polices or security services. KMT includes techniques of boxing, open hand techniques, finger techniques toward eyes and throat, elbow-slaps, kicks from karate, block and restraint techniques from jujitsu and aikido, as well as some easy throws and sweepers.

Target audience

On the question of who should learn KMT, there is only one answer: everybody. At the present time, everybody has to expect a spontaneous attack. And the worst possible preparation for an attack is the hope that it will not take place.

If you are dealing in training with realistic attack situations, it reduces your anxiety a lot. You can consciously act and defend it effectively. Who appears self-confident and knows how to behave in conflict situations, reduces the risk to be attacked.

KMT is for everyone learnable. In relation to the fact that each student begins at the appropriate level and techniques are not based on power, the age and physical fitness does not matter.

Attention: a prerequisite for learning the KMT is the achievement of the 18th Birthday. In addition, KMT-students may not be previously convicted of violence and / or capital crimes.


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